The Hunter's RegalFlex™ Adjustable Base

The Hunter's RegalFlex™ Adjustable Base
The Hunter's RegalFlex™ Adjustable Base
The Hunter's RegalFlex™ Adjustable Base
The Hunter's RegalFlex™ Adjustable Base
The Hunter's RegalFlex™ Adjustable Base
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20% OFF

The Hunter's RegalFlex™ Adjustable Base

The Regallflex™ Adjustable Base Enhances your Bedroom Decor while Maximizing Comfort with Customizable Sleep Positions Alleviate Body Pains and Snoring.
      • Convenient Wireless Remote with a Foot Retainer Bar
      • USB Charging Ports for Easy Device Charging
      • Impressive Weight Capacity of 750 lbs
      • Backup Battery Power Box with 6-Legs and Adjustable Heights
With a Wireless Remote, adjust your Mattress for various activities like Watching TV or Working. Elevate your Feet for Improved Circulation and Reduced Soreness.
      • Head and foot Up/Down Positions
      • Zero Gravity with Flat Position
      • Fast and Easy Setup. Ships in 2 Boxes; Small Parcel

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Product Specifications

Wireless Remote
Ideal Use Case
Individuals dealing with Sinus Pressure, Back Pain & Snoring
Recommended For
Recommended for Senior Citizens or Older Adults.
Other Use Cases
People who likes Reading, Eating, and Watching TV in Bed
Number of Legs
Six Legs with Customizable Heights
USB Charging Ports
Weight Capacity
750 lbs
Additional Tools Required
Shipping Details
Ships in 2 Boxes; Small Parcel
Returns & Warranty
NO Returns, only Verified Warranty Issues
Underbed Light
Modern / Contemporary


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The key to a happier, healthier you
Restful Nights, Ageless Comfort

Experience ultimate style and comfort with the Regalflex Adjustable Base with Headboard. Designed to enhance your sleep experience, it offers a range of customizable sleep positions to alleviate body pains and reduce snoring. The wireless remote allows easy adjustment for various activities, such as watching TV or working on a laptop. Elevate your feet to a zero-gravity position for improved blood circulation and reduced soreness. Transform your bedroom into a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation with this luxurious adjustable base.

for Ageless Comfort and Back Pain Solutions
Revive Your Sleep, Relieve Your Back

Introducing our Adjustable Base: Experience the Perfect Balance of Comfort and Functionality. Elevate your sleep to a weightless sensation with our Zero Gravity feature, promoting relaxation and relieving pressure points for a truly rejuvenating rest.

Discover the perfect blend of style, comfort, and functionality with our Adjustable Base. Elevate your sleep experience to new heights and enjoy the ultimate level of customization and support.

Luxurious Comfort

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