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Welcome to Mattress Hunters, your ultimate destination for premium mattresses in the USA. Experience comfortable, high-quality mattresses that guarantee restful sleep. As a subsidiary of Sofabed.com, we revolutionize your sleeping experience with expertise and customer satisfaction. With 25+ years of industry experience, we bring you the best mattresses, tailored to your needs, prioritizing sleep, education, quality, and savings. Trust Mattress Hunters for exceptional shopping, unparalleled comfort, and truly restful sleep. Redefine your sleep experience with us.

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At Mattress Hunters, we're not just sleep experts overnight. With 80 hours of comprehensive training, our dedicated Sleep Experts® understand the importance of expertise in finding your perfect mattress. Beyond training, our happy and inspired team cultivates a positive experience for both employees and valued customers. Trust our knowledgeable Sleep Experts to guide you towards the best mattress solution.

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Choose Mattress Hunters with confidence, knowing you'll receive the finest products. Our Sleep Experts Guarantee the Perfect Mattress at the best prices, selection, and comfort. We're committed to your satisfaction, providing access to diverse premium mattresses. Thank you for choosing us to create your restful sleep environment. Sleep well, dream big, and experience the quality sleep you deserve.

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Enhancing your sleep experience is our mission. With a wide range of products to meet various preferences, sizes, and budgets, find your perfect match for rejuvenating sleep. Explore our collection of plush pillow tops to firm orthopedic mattresses and optimize your restful nights.

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At Mattress Hunters, trust is paramount. With a wide range of products to meet different needs and budgets, find your perfect match for rejuvenating sleep. Our commitment to uncompromising quality ensures durability, support, and optimal comfort. Trust in our rigorous quality checks and craftsmanship, knowing your mattress is built to last.

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At Mattress Hunters, we prioritize uncompromising quality, partnering with esteemed manufacturers who share our commitment to excellence. Crafted meticulously with premium materials, our mattresses ensure durability, support, and optimal comfort.


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