How to Dispose of a Mattress – 5 Practical Ways Explained

Did you know that 50,000 mattresses are discarded in the U.S. every day? Doesn't it sound crazy? Your mattress needs an upgrade every 10 years on average, depending on the type and how well you maintain it. But these days, people upgrade their mattresses for several reasons. With advancements in mattress technology and the constant marketing of new and improved models, many people are constantly upgrading their sleeping arrangements.

Whether it's for a better night's sleep, a change in décor, or just because those persuasive mattress commercials have convinced them. Whatever the reason, if your mattress is asking for retirement or you plan to give it away voluntarily, you must dispose of it. But now comes the problem. When it comes to getting rid of a mattress, it can become tricky. Because mattresses are big and bulky, it's a real headache to throw them. So, now are you in a similar situation, scratching your head and wondering how to do it? Fret not! This article will walk you through some solutions and shed light on the fascinating world of mattress disposal options.

5 Practical Ways To Dispose Your Old Mattress

1. Recycle It - An Eco-Friendly Option

Recycle it - An eco-friendly option

80% of mattresses can be recycled, why not try this option?

When your old mattress serves no purpose and can't be used by anyone, then recycle it. But why recycle it? Consider the number of mattresses disposed of every day. Have you ever pondered the immense environmental impact it creates? Since mattresses are large, they will take up a significant amount of space in landfills and contribute to environmental pollution. This is why it is highly suggested to recycle your mattress, and it's the best option too.

Recycling a mattress requires less energy compared to manufacturing new mattresses from scratch. Also, recycling helps conserve valuable resources like foam, steel, and wood, which can be repurposed for making new products.
For instance, the foam padding can be shredded and used as carpet, pet bedding, or insulation, and the fabric can be used in industrial oil or made into a DIY rug.

Now, how do I recycle it? What's the procedure?

  • Once you've decided upon recycling the mattress, Google your zip code to find out if any mattress recycling services are available in your city. These recycling services might pick up your mattress for a small fee.
  • If you aren't able to find one, There are numerous recycling organizations in the US, including

Earth911 is one of the world's largest online databases for recycling centers. Visit their website and add the item you want to recycle along with the zip code.

Bye Bye Mattress is run by the Mattress Recycling Council. Visit their Programs by State section for more information related to mattress recycling.

2. Donate It And Give It To Someone Needing A Restful Night's Sleep.

Donate It And Give It To Someone Needing

If you are upgrading your bedroom, or moving to a new place and want to dispose of your mattress in good condition, donate it. Donating your mattress is a win-win situation. It can give the mattress a second life and help someone in need. Not everyone can purchase a new mattress, and your donation could make a big difference in someone's life. Especially people experiencing financial hardships or transitioning from homelessness may find it helpful.

This is why many nonprofit organizations, shelters, and social service agencies accept mattress donations. Your donation will provide a comfortable sleeping environment for people starting over or recovering from challenging circumstances. Last but not least, donating a mattress can give you a sense of fulfillment as you will positively impact someone's life.

Now comes the important question: where can I donate my mattress?

A good-condition mattress can be donated to organizations such as the Salvation Army, Goodwill, Catholic Charities, Habitat for Humanity, Donation Town, and the Furniture Bank Association of America. Contact local businesses or contact hotels or university dorms to check if they need or accept mildly used mattresses.

Brownie point: Some businesses offer free pickup, and this act of donating can also make you eligible for a tax deduction.

3. Resell Mattress - Used But Not Abused

Resell Mattress

If donating or recycling your mattress doesn't work, why not resell it? Admit it. Some mattresses can cost a pretty penny. If your mattress is still in decent condition and has some life left, try reselling it. Because reselling your mattress means you can finally put that money back in your pocket. Also, remember that not everyone can afford a brand-new mattress, and many individuals and families would appreciate a good-quality, used mattress at a more affordable price.

Where can you resell your used mattress?

Selling your mattress online or through local classifieds is an easy and convenient option. Numerous platforms are dedicated to buying and selling used goods, making connecting with potential buyers in your area simple. Use your social media channels to advertise your used mattress, and there are chances for potential buyers to connect with you and buy it. While advertising online, try to attract potential buyers by providing quality photos of the mattress and including a compelling description with in-depth information.

Note: Remember, when reselling a mattress, keep things light-hearted and honest about its condition and any wear and tear. Because providing accurate information not only helps maintain trust but also ensures that the buyer knows exactly what they are getting.

4. Return Your Mattress To The Retailer You Got It From

Return Your Mattress To The Retailer

If you are busy as a bee and searching for recycling services or reselling isn't feasible, try returning it to the mattress retailer. These days, many retailers and manufacturers often take charge of disposing of mattresses. So, when purchasing a new mattress, inquire if the retailer will be okay with disposing of the old mattress properly.

5. Throw It Off When There’s No Way To Reuse

Throw mattress Off When There’s No Way To Reuse

Before throwing off your old, saggy mattress, check with your local municipality or junk removal service to understand the regulations and guidelines regarding mattress disposal. Some areas have specific instructions or designated drop-off points for bulky items like mattresses. Also, leaving a mattress near a dumpster is illegal in some places.

If your municipality offers a mattress collection service, schedule a pickup date. Alternatively, find out where you can drop off the mattress for proper disposal or recycling. Before throwing it off, wrap the mattress. In fact, many municipalities would instruct that a mattress be wrapped in a plastic mattress bag before disposal. If your mattress is infested with bed bugs or pests, then it is mandatory to wrap it tightly in plastic or use mattress disposal bags specifically designed for this purpose.

Hire A Waste Disposal Service:

When facing a mountain of trash or multiple bulky items needing disposal, it might be wise to hire a professional disposal company. While they may come with a price tag, the convenience and peace of mind they provide can make them a worthwhile investment. A junk removal service such as Load Up is located in all 50 states and offers great customer service. Just ping them beforehand, and they will be happy to serve.

1-800-Got-Junk: This is another junk removal service that can remove mattresses. By calling this number (800) 468-5865, you can get a team to pick up the mattress from you.

Final Words

Earlier, we mentioned that a mattress can last up to 10 years. But if your mattress has not lived up to that age and still has a warranty, then consider contacting the mattress company to replace it. Also, check if the warranty covers mattress repair and replacement. Besides this, remember that even though your old mattress may no longer be fit for use, it might have some unwelcome guests like bed bugs.

But it still contains materials that can harm the environment. So, ensure to follow all the necessary precautions and recycle or dispose of your old mattress in an environmentally friendly way.

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